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South Auckland's Comprehensive Affordable Vehicle Cleaning

Our team takes great pride in giving each vehicle individual attention, using only high-quality products and techniques to bring out its best. Plus, our ceramic coating services add an extra layer of protection to keep your car looking new longer.

In addition to a comprehensive cleaning service, we have something special up our sleeves - our unique ceramic coating service tailored specifically for those residing in South Auckland. This not just enhances the appearance but also provides a superior protective layer for your vehicle against environmental damage like UV rays or acid rain.

Trust us when we say, there's nothing quite like seeing sunlight bounce off a freshly detailed and ceramic coated vehicle!

But that's not all - dive into our full range of affordable services to discover how we can help you reclaim that sense of freedom with a spotlessly clean, well-protected car.

car washing

Car Washing

interior detiling

Interior Detailing

cermic coatng

Ceramic Coating

paint enhancement

Paint Enhancement

headlight restoration car

Headlight Restoration

paint protection auto

Paint Protection Solutions

leather upholster cae

Leather and Upholstery Care

tyre and rim cleaning

Tyre and Rim Cleaning

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